"Keith is an incredible team member who makes the difficult job of developing a digital product look easy. He’s incredible to work with, and consistently demonstrates unshakable work ethic and reliability. He’s motivated, a self starter and In all my years of managing and developing new talent, Keith proves to be a standout - Always ready for the task and does not give up until it is completed.


Keith entered the world of casting completely inexperienced and quickly developed a deep understating of the industry. And not only did he do that, with his help, our industry took a giant leap forward with his creation of instant video auditions. He is a gifted lead iOS developer who jumps at any opportunity to try new things and consistently demonstrates leadership capabilities with our other team members - always leading by example.


I am convinced Keith would be a tremendous asset to any team looking to start something new, or shape an established product. He’s reliable, loyal and most of all a kind human being.."


- Guy Chachkes,

Owner & Co-Founder at REELARC, Six Legions Media, Moodcaster

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