''When I think of people that I want to work with on a daily basis, I think of Keith Selvin.  Keith has a way of adding immense value to your organization because of his unique skill that checks off all the positives. He listens to directions, yet inputs valuable ideas and creativity. He is very agreeable, and easy to get along with, as well as always gets the job done.  From my time working with him, I witnessed many occasions that he would pull all-nighters to finish tasks.  On top of this, one of Keith's best qualities is that he merges the business side and the coding side as a great CTO. He understands code, as a coder himself, with proficiency in multiple languages, but also can communicate these concepts in laymen's terms to the business side of the project. He did this with ease, while managing a team of 8 coders at 1 point in 5 different time zones around the world. I would put my neck out on the line for Keith in any situation and give him the highest recommendation in any scenario."  

- Teague Egan, 

Managing Partner @ Innovation Factory,

Founder & CEO @ 1st Round Enterprises 


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